Meet Ben, BDR at Mendix

Ben Woods

Although at Mendix no day is the same, Ben Woods tells how a typical day looks like at the Mendix office in Rotterdam. Can you please introduce yourself?

I am Ben Woods, a 28-year-old ex Rugby player from Ireland and I joined Mendix 5 months ago in the role of Business Development Rep in Rotterdam. I wanted to get involved in sales, when I got a call from a Recruiter from Mendix, mentioning a rooftop bar, ski-trips and the opportunity to build a sales career in this dynamic company. And here I am.

Whereabouts do you sit within the organisation? What does your team look like?

The Business Development team is the team that generates leads and qualifies business opportunities on enterprise level. We do not sell a product, we try to get to the challenges of an organisation, do research, get in touch with different people at different levels to understand their challenges and needs. If we sell on the phone we probably lose a client.. We also build close relationships with our Account Executives, bouncing ideas and strategies together and then the Account Executive takes over at some point to close the deal.

Tell us about a typical working day… 

So far I never had a day that I struggled to get up. I find it very exciting to be with my team and have my own responsibilities. In the office I work on my plans, my sales opportunities, my own schedule of working, research and calls. Then I have lunch, which is as Laura mentioned during the first call, indeed amazing – healthy, fresh – then back to building my funnel with research and calls while having fun with the team all along.

What do you love about your job? What sucks?

I like the fact that I am kind of my own boss. There are different approaches to get this job done and I can choose the tactics that work for me. I work with my own devices, my own plans and I get help where needed from the senior people or my managers who are always there to help. I love the atmosphere at Mendix and we have great fun with the team, during the day but also having drinks in the evening or the Vrijmibo / Friday afternoon drinks. The trainings I get at Mendix are of superior quality and I can really grow in my professional life. And not to forget: the targets are achievable and bonus is uncapped ?

To do this job, you need to have a thick skin. On average we do 50 calls a day. My focus is on the UK market and not everyone knows what low-code is, so we get a lot of rejections, but it is our job to deal with them. It is a competitive environment, but it helps to be in a team with a lot of support and fun.

What kind of skills do you need to be effective in your role? 

You need to be persistent, have a thick skin and willing to learn. We learn how to handle rejections, where I always keep in mind: there is a reason we are getting them, so how can we deal with that? You also need to be cooperative and have great listening skills. Mendix is an ambitious and dynamic company, you need to fit in this kind of culture.

What kind of goals do you have? And where might you go from here? 

First I want to nail this role, hit my targets and see what my strengths are. Mendix offers many interesting growth opportunities, so many there are chances to develop my skills and go from here. The role of BDR offers several steps I can make, for example an Account Executive role, but it could also be towards a different customer focused role or even technical development.

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