VP Marketing at Lightyear

Working at Lightyear is a unique experience. You get the opportunity to work for a company with a pure and meaningful mission. A mission that will make a positive and lasting impact on future generations.
 VP Marketing at Lightyear

Lightyear is an innovative and progressive scale-up with one mission: clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. Lightyear originates from the legacy as a multiple world championship of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge® Cruiser Class. Officially established in 2016 by 5 visionaries with the dream to make this groundbreaking technology accessible to everyone, everywhere. In order to accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable solution for mobility, we believe that it is necessary to completely rethink automotive design by starting from scratch, not limited by industry conventions.

Would you consider it as your mission to build a brand for consumers, nearly from scratch? Are you an inspiring leader with the ability to set out our marketing strategy and build high performing teams? Are you an independent thinker? Then have a read!

Location: The Automotive Campus in Helmond, part of Brainport: the heart of Europe’s innovation
Domain: Marketing & Communications
 10 years of progressive experience and 5 years of leadership experience

What will you do as our VP Marketing?

Apart from engineering a solar-driven electric vehicle from the ground up, we’re also building a brand from scratch. While we took some significant steps during the last four years, we expect to scale extremely fast. It’s your mission to build a brand for consumers from scratch. Lead it into international success and inspire others from your experience while getting there.

To get there, you’ll need the right amount of experience in both marketing and managing a team. You’ll also need a decent marketing strategy and a healthy appetite for working with a young and ambitious team. You’re not looking to ‘learn these things on the job’. You already have all these things under your belt and are ready for the challenges up ahead.

Short-term, you’ll have your feet in the mud though. You will work with the team to help them execute the strategy. Long-term wise, your activities will move away from operational involvement as your team will grow according to your roadmap. A day in your first weeks will be totally different from your average day in 2022.

Your team includes talented people working on PR, Events, Digital Marketing and whatever you need to grow the marketing internationally. You’ll work with either our internal design team or external agencies. You create the environment for every team member to deliver success.

Goals of your team and thus you personally are:

  • Within 12 months we must have completely sold out the exclusive series balanced over the focus countries in Europe. Today, there are 800 to go. Your efforts in the funnel should enable the sales team to hit homeruns.
  • Within 3 years you should have built an organisation that is prepared to manage the funnel for the sales of our mass market model, which should be selling 100,000 cars annually worldwide 4 years from now.

To give a more concrete idea on the stakeholders you work with – and the constraints you have – we’ve summed up some bullets;

  • Our definition of improving is that you minimize the barriers in the funnel and maximize the inflow. You are able to tell the story of Lightyear big and compelling in a humble way. Lightyear’s value of thinking independently should be reflected in the way you create your short term execution and your long term strategy.
  • Your budget is ever changing. You have experience with working on tight and high budgets and, more importantly, you are able to think big. The marketing machine essentially funds itself and grows spending to maximize outcome.
  • As a VP of marketing you work very closely with the VP sales to understand what blocks conversion and what message resonates well.
  • As a VP marketing you work intensively with the head of project management to make sure you understand timing ahead of time to make sure the marketing efforts are aligned.
  • As a VP marketing you work very closely with our Creative Director to make sure you are aligned on the backlog of deliverables. Together you continuously sharpen the brand guidelines to make sure everybody internal and external involved truly understands how to express our DNA.
  • As a VP Marketing you collaborate with and report to our CCO.
Lightyear team

What do we expect from our VP Marketing at Lightyear?

In order to succeed in the dynamic world of Lightyear; pro-activity, professionalism, communication and adaptability are crucial. We are looking for a charismatic and analytical storyteller. Furthermore, you bring along:

  • A Master’s degree
  • 10 years of progressive experience and at least 5 years of leadership experience
  • Preferably a background in technical and/or luxury goods
  • Ability to develop and communicate a marketing vision passionately
  • A humble and coaching type of leadership.
  • The willingness to empower your team to flourish
  • Intuitivity about the different mix between emotional and rational communication per stage of the funnel
  • Solid planning & project management skills
  • Solid stakeholder management skills
  • Digital nativity
  • The ability to work with both small and big budgets
  • The mindset to switch from targeted marketing of HNWI’s to mass marketing

On a personal level you can self-reflectively say you’re fun to work with and willing to become part of a team through great strategic and people management skills.

Why would this be a great opportunity according to Laurens Weers (CCO & CFO) and why should you ignore this job?
“I believe this is a unique opportunity. You get to work for a company with a global mission and you are the linking pin to bring this incredible technology to the customers. You enable the technology to be actually put in place to achieve our mission. If you like to do things as done before, then ignore this job. We need independent thinkers that dare to make bold decisions and are continuously able to adapt to a fast paced environment.” 

What can you expect from Lightyear? in addition to a challenging role we also offer:

  • A high degree of freedom and independence in your role
  • A role within a multidisciplinary team consisting of highly motivated, inquisitive and talented people with a broad diversity of experience
  • A role at one of the fastest growing technical companies in the Netherlands with tremendous potential
  • 40 vacation days per year
  • An interesting and balanced pension through Zwitserleven that is in line with the mission of Lightyear
  • The ability to participate via shares and to be involved in the growth and success of Lightyear
  • In addition to a dynamic working environment, there is time for relaxation during our already epic Friday afternoon drinks

At Lightyear, we all strive for the same goal. We have a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds; all working tirelessly towards clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. We’re proud of our culture and live up to our core values: think independently, be bold, deliver the change, put people first and take responsibility. Our shared vision is what unites and drives us.

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